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My name is Cris Urzúa, the sexy name of my job is that I am a coach in sales, negotiations and business strategies, but the reality is that what I do is teach you how to sell more, faster and with less stress.

I was born in Cancun, Mexico and at the age of 7 I began my life as a salesman. When I wasn't eating my toys I would sell and trade them, always earning something in the process.

At the age of 17, after seeing "Ratatouille" and "Top Chef", I studied gastronomy for 6 months. After that time, behind a fryer, I realized that this was not for me... after a while of Frustration and stress, I decided to become independent, I started looking for a job and after a "finger in the air" in a newspaper I found my first job...

...In a hotel and it turns out that it was not just any hotel, it was a specific industry, an industry that is one of the most difficult to sell in the world: TIMESHARE, so I came to ask for a job in this sales room and I arrived probably to the worst sales room in Cancun, where my manager asked me to lie every day, there were drugs, something like the Wolf of Wall Street but with Hawaiian shirts.

After spending months there I resigned, and continued my life working in the hotel industry for more than 8 years, I worked as a sales and marketing manager for brands such as Westin or Marriot, I worked in Santiago de Chile, Turkey, Cancun and more, I managed teams that billed between more than a million and a half dollars a month.

Until one day a great friend gave me a book called "The 4-hour work week" a book that tells you about the possibility of doing business on the internet and that's where I got the bug of undertaking on the internet... it only took me 4 years to have my first sale on the internet. 4 years where I paid thousands of dollars to learn new strategies, but what do you think I DID NOT APPLY ANYTHING I became a wantrepreneur, after 4 years of being like this I made one of the strongest decisions of my life I quit my job as a manager and convinced my then girlfriend (Lau) to move to Santiago de Chile.

And there I wanted to start a business again and what I did was find another job in a telemarketing agency that I soon ended up hating because it is not what I wanted to be doing and there in that moment of frustration and despair I finally decided to start my first business in Internet in a small apartment, without production and at that moment I invested 1,000 usd in Facebook 21 days later I managed to make 10,000 usd with my first online program... That moment changed my life! And that's where it all began

Today I have the honor of being CEO and founder of MAS Academy, I am also the founder of companies like MAS al Cubo, my marketing agency and ROICASTER, the only platform designed to monetize your podcast.

I am also a columnist in FORBES magazine and I have appeared in international media such as ENTREPRENEUR where the magazine dedicated an entire edition to me, AMERICA ECONOMÍA and others.

I am the creator of the most important sales, marketing and digital entrepreneurship event in Latin America: M! by MAS Academy and I have impacted thousands of people doing events throughout the continent.

I have helped more than 40,000 students to triple the sales of their businesses generating millions of dollars in new sales for them and to transform their lives with one of my programs and that is why I do all this, to be able to impact the lives of millions of people in the world and help you live the life you deserve.

Working with me is the fastest way to triple your sales and your impact

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